Wedding Dance

Have you thought about how to open the dance of your wedding?

Until now, the couple were guided by tradition to open the wedding dance. But, for some years the originality has become a gap between so much classicism. Choreographies studied, movie dances, latin rhythms, dances prepared with the participation of other guests …


Now, at the moment we are, choosing the first wedding ball has become an important decision.

The first dance of the bride and groom, is one of the most special moments of the wedding, an instant that the newlyweds share with the guests to their bond and in which they are the protagonists. However, for many couples it becomes a moment of horror, in the fear that those first steps of dance are not as stylized as they should be. So that this moment does not become for you a torture and you can enjoy it with your friends and family, from the team of Center Ball Mallorca we encourage you to pose if what you want is an emotional and meaningful dance for you (with your favorite song of Background, for example) or a fun dance for your guests. In either of these two cases, there are many options: from a passionate tango to the soundtrack of your favorite movie or a mix of different themes.


If you are embarrassed to do the dance alone, or you are looking for something fun, you can also do it with friends and family.

In our school the classes are private and in schedule to be agreed between you and the teacher. We advise you with the choice of the song in case of doubts and during the class and according to the preferences of the couple and the costumes we set up a personalized and unique choreography for you.