Wedding Dance Centre Ball Mallorca

Due to the increase in popularity and, as a result, the demand from the advisory boyfriends for her first dance as a husband and wife, is born Wedding Dance Center Ball Mallorca by the dancers and choreographers Jordi Fàbrega i Maria Pomar With more than 10 years of experience as choreographers in different fields, among them, the program, Mira, who plays Spanish television, dance choreographies, choreographies for flashmob and for groups and specializing during the last 5 years in choreographies for bridal dance and for groups.

In recent years, the importance of the first bride’s dance has taken on more prominence. The boyfriends seek originality and the surprise effect for the most anticipated moment for the guests. That’s why from our team of choreographers we seek to personalize and advise each couple to adapt to their style and achieve the choreography that best suits each of them being meticulous and extremely detailed in the assembly and refinement of it.

It is your moment, the first one as a husband and wife. Your task is to enjoy, ours is to help you make it possible.


We want to help you, advise you and accompany you in this wonderful process, create your dream dance.

Our part in this project full of enthusiasm that you are creating for the most important day of your lives is to give yourself weapons so that your dreams come true.

At Wedding Dance Center Ball Mallorca we have different types of services to adapt to your needs and demands



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