Pro- Am, Dance with a Profesional

One of the best things about dancing is that it really is for all ages and all levels. If you don’t know what Pro-Am is, we’ll explain it below.

What is Pro-Am?

Pro-Am is the combo of a professional (Pro) and amateur (Am) dance couple. Unlike regular dance competitions, in this case half of the couple is a professional who teaches, trains and collaborates with the amateur half.
There are some great advantages of having a professional partner and it is also very fun. In many countries, Pro-Am dance is much more popular than regular competitions. This is due to the record that the amateur half receives from the professional. As an amateur, your goals are completely individual and personalized training helps you improve and enjoy the dance.
Private classes are essential for Pro-Am, since time with your professional dancer is key to your improvement and increases your ability to participate in more events.

Frequently Asked Questions

For whom?

It is aimed at people who want to start dancing and participate in competitions or events where they can be exhibited together with a professional.

The largely Pro-Am competitions are for beginner dancers or for those looking to participate in competitions for the first time.

Do I have to compete?

No, you choose the rhythm yourself, if you want to compete or prepare to do a show or just to stay physically while you continue to improve your dance level.

What can i get?

Pro-Am is a great way to overcome your dance skill level and also gives you a different dance experience. Having a professional as your partner helps maintain your discipline and helps control your nerves. Also, because the competition dance is so goal oriented, the speed with which you learn dramatically increases with the constant direction of a professional partner.

What dances does it include?

In Pro-Am the two dance modalities are danced, standard and Latin, you can choose one of the two or both.



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