Private Dance Lessons

Today there are more people who decide to join to particular classes of dance, there are many people that it is difficult to adapt their work schedules, family commitments, level of dance, dance styles… the timetable of group classes, so our dance school offers the possibility of having a teacher at your disposal to learn the dance style that you want an hour suited to their schedules.

In addition there are great benefits of private lessons, then I will name some of them.

Advantages of private lessons

With private lessons we benefit not only the convenience of being able to teach in the time we want, we would benefit from … more

  • Help you learn faster, as there is only one teacher centered with you.
  • The classes are adapted to the level of each person.
  • The dances to learn or learning speed is 100% adabtable each.
  • The student progresses faster because it is more focused on the evolution of his dancing.
  • Being a private class, objectives tailored to the needs of each individual person or couple.
  • The music can be adapted to suit the students.
  • They can individually or in class partner.
  • Private lessons can be performed outside the premises of the school.


With all these advantages now just need to contact us and start enjoying dance!



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