Individual dances

Do not want to dance with a partner?

This is your chance, we have courses without any partner. These courses where you can come without worrying about who you’re going to dance.

We have different styles of dance and courses to choose the option that suits your needs. The important thing is having a good time, have fun and dance a lot.


Belly Dance

Dance Belly Classes in Palma de Mallorca, a sensual dance and you will learn to control the movement of your body.

From 30€/month
Belly Dance

Latin rhythms

Salsa and Bachata for women

You’re a girl and you want to learn Salsa and Bachata, this is your course. In this course you will learn to move to the rhythm of Salsa and Bachata.


Choreographic dance

Choreographic dance is a sports specialty developed in a group that combines elements of standard dances and Latin dances.

Hip hop

Twerking for Beginners

Learn Twerking with us, the most fashionable dance at the moment.

Fusion Hip hop – Contemporary

A class where hip hop and contemporary styles will be merged.


19:00-19:30 Fusion Hip hop – Contemporary
19:30-20:00 Twerk Beginner Twerk Beginner Latin Style
20:30-21:00 Belly Dance
21:30-22:00 D Coreo