Hip hop (white Shadows)


17:30-18:00 H. Hop H. Hop
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Learning modern dance is very good for children, with this course they will enjoy dancing with magnificent choreography adapted to their level and age.

It is a combination of urban dances (funky, hip-hop, gym-jazz) that were born during the 70’s in the USA. Modern dance develops coordination, laterality and rhythm. The complexity of the steps is variable and is planned according to the age and ability of the student.

The specific advantages of this type of dance are:

  • Develop coordination and sense of rhythm. A good aerobic work is done, which improves the cardiovascular capacity and achieves a good state of physical fitness.
  • Develops motor skills that facilitate the student to gain confidence in the movements he performs.
  • Stimulate the mental capacity of students through activities such as observe, compare and execute, improving their mental speed.
  • Develop creativity in the student so that he is able to develop his own choreographies.
  • Eliminate stress, exercising the body and mind.

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