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This course is aimed at children from 3 to 5 years old, they will learn their first movements dancing the most current music of the moment.

This course is aimed at children from 3 to 5 years old, they will learn their first movements dancing the most current music of the moment.

The benefits of dancing in children are very valuable for their physical, mental and emotional development. When the little ones learn to dance they develop their intellectual and social capacities. They cultivate their creativity and strengthen their self-esteem. Dance brings benefits that last a lifetime, such as the following.

Improve your physical condition

The dance offers all the benefits for physical health that any type of exercise.

Children who dance with reguilarity usually grow in optimal physical conditions because they learn to have an active life.

Dance increases flexibility, strength and physical endurance in children. It helps them to improve posture, circulation and balance, and to develop good coordination. A regular dance practice also helps them to have good cardiovascular health.

It helps to develop social skills

Some of the best benefits of dancing in children are the social skills they acquire in dance classes. In dance classes children learn to cooperate and work as a team. They learn to develop relationships with other children of the same age.

A creative dance environment where respect and acceptance of other people is encouraged can also help children improve their social skills. It helps them develop appreciation and sensitivity towards other people, even though they are different from them.

Improve your academic skills

Dance, like music and other arts, provides many benefits for the mental and intellectual development of children. According to various studies, children who take dance classes tend to be more successful academically than children who do not take dance classes.

In fact, some experts in the field of education have realized that children who have experience in dance tend to get better results in school tests and in mathematics and science competitions.

Dance helps children develop key skills to succeed in academics. It helps them to develop their capacity for concentration and discipline, and to awaken their creativity.

Strengthens your self-esteem

A benefit of dancing in children that should not go unnoticed is the increase in self-esteem. Dancing gives children the opportunity to express their selves and share their creativity with other people. Dance classes for children that promote respect and acceptance of all body types help children develop a positive body image. Through dance, children can discover their distinctive qualities and feel their value.

Develop your creativity and talents

Obviously dance classes for children help to develop talent for dancing. This experience allows children to awaken their creativity and talents for other arts and disciplines.

When children learn to dance from an early age they develop a deep level of self-confidence in their creative capacity.

This self-confidence allows them to develop any innate talent they have for dancing, other arts and other disciplines.

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