Standard dance technique


20:30-21:00 Standard

Technique classes for competition dancers from category C

Our standard dance technique classes are aimed at dancers who belong to category C and above. All our groups are divided by age and dance category so that the content of the class is more personalized and consequently more effective.

In our classes we work the basic basic concepts of all Latin dances, improving the base of our dancers and training them to achieve their goals.

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Latin dance technique

Technique classes for competition dancers from category C

Single Latin and Standard

The Single Standard and Latin is a specialty of Dance Sports based on the Standard and Latin Dances that allows you to dance, compete, learn and improve technically individually.

Choreographic dance (5 to 8 years)

Choreographic dance is a sports specialty developed in a group that combines elements of standard dances and Latin dances. It consists of dancing choreographies with different musical rhythms, learning the steps of each rhythm and coordinating them with the group.