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Course for dance lovers who want more knowledge and learn to dance better.

Have you always wanted to compete? Do you think you can not because you did not start as a child? Do you dance Ballroom Dances but do you want more?

In our dance school everything is possible. All our courses are divided by age and level so if you are over 20 years old and would like to take it a little more seriously this is your course. In it you will learn both the dances of the standard modality and the Latin dance modality, you will be able to improve technically and improve your dance level.


Other Courses For You

Choreographic dance (5 to 8 years)

Choreographic dance is a sports specialty developed in a group that combines elements of standard dances and Latin dances. It consists of dancing choreographies with different musical rhythms, learning the steps of each rhythm and coordinating them with the group.

Dancesport practice

Standard and Latino training schedules for competition couples in Palma de Mallorca

Beginner Dancesport

Get started in the world of sports dance competition and learn to dance dances like the English waltz, tango, Viennese waltz, slow fox, quickstep, samba, chachacha, rumba, pasodoble and jive. If you are over 8 years old and you want to learn and compete this is your course.