Bachelorette parties

Do you want to enjoy a different farewell? Do you want to share a time with your friends and family doing an activity where you will have a great time? Or if you want to surprise the bride with an activity that surely is not expected?

We propose 4 activities where you will surely enjoy and be unforgettable for all of you.

Byonce Party

Come with your group of friends and enjoy feeling like Beyonce, sure you have a great time.


Still do not know the dance that is more fashionable? Try a twerk class with us and start your hips at a most original bachelorette party. Laughter is assured!

Salsa y/o Bachata


What are your latin dances? Do not worry, we also have the ideal bachelorette party for you. Enjoy and learn salsa and / or bachata with your friends.


Belly Dance

Come and enjoy with your friends a different bachelorette party with a belly dance class. Feel like Shakira and move your hips in an unimaginable way.



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