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Dancing is an activity that everyone loves to do and above all if it is a couple, dance together with the person for whom we are melted and in love is a very charming experience

Besides having fun and laughing at dancing with your loved one, there are several benefits to your relationship that brings this moment so entertaining and enjoyable.

Know them right now!

Generates a great connection

When we dance with our partner, a different and important connection is reached that is increasing. When we share feelings one by the other physically reflects when coordinating all movements.

Increase the attraction

Movements at the rhythm of music and the closeness of the bodies will result in a deeper and more intense attraction for our partner. Dancing can be a great weapon of seduction, because musical rhythms and body expression awaken sexual attraction.

They exercise together

They will be coordinating and moving the entire body, which represents an excellent way to exercise. They will feel a great deal of well-being, as well as distracting and burning calories, producing hormones that will fill them with energy and vitality. It is estimated that half an hour of dancing can burn between 200 and 400 calories.

It generates greater coordination and flexibility

When we dance we need to maintain the balance in many different positions. This helps strengthen the muscles, improve coordination and reflexes. In addition, the flexibility, strength and resistance that are acquired with the dance help keep the body from injury.


They are happier

Due to the increase of endorphins caused by the dance, we will be happier people, eliminating the stress, the tensions and we will forget about the worries we have caused by the work or the university.


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